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Games Of Skill, A Set Of Carnival Mini Games – Free One-Page TTRPG Mechanic

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Carnival Midway

I really enjoy creating simple, one-page TTRPG mechanics for mini games. I’ve played around with a “change your fate” mechanic and created a ruleset for fencing in my previous articles, Cards Of Fate, A Tarot Reading Mini Game and Challenged To A Duel, A Swordsmanship Mini Game. For the next installment, I wanted to put together some classic carnival midway games!

Games Of Skill, A Set Of Carnival Mini Games is a collection of seven simple dice-based mini games. These are perfect for TTRPG events such as county fairs, village festivals, community fundraisers, or traveling circuses. Players decide their best attributes from Strength, Accuracy, and Vigilance. From there, the different natures of the games put their skills to test! This easy to incorporate mechanic can be plugged into any tabletop RPG system as a mini game. It is also suitable for fantasy, historic, modern, or futuristic settings.

Have fun at the carnival! Until next time, stay creepy and happy gaming.



Dan is a creator, game enthusiast, former goth, designer, nerd, blogger, and meme historian. He has always loved creating experiences through art, writing, design, and collaborative storytelling. His career is in the creative industry, specifically focusing on graphic design, marketing, and user experience.

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