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Ghostlore’s First Birthday!

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Ghost Cupcake

One year ago I launched Ghostlore Studios on Halloween night under the light of a rare blood moon (I’m still sorta goth like that). I wanted Ghostlore to really soak up that spooky energy before putting it out into the world. Since then, I’ve accomplished so much of what I set out to do and it has been a wonderful experience! Check out these highlights from Ghostlore’s first year…

The Twitter TTRPG Community

First and foremost, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the tabletop roleplaying community of Twitter. You have all been so welcoming, supportive, kind, and helpful in my Ghostlore journey. You keep me updated on the latest industry news, blow my mind with indie projects, dazzle me with dice, inspire me with your creativity, and entertain me with your aspirational nerdiness. I appreciate every member of the #TTRPGFamily!

The Shadow Auction: A Ghostlore One Shot Adventure (5E)

The Shadow Auction was my first one shot adventure. I’m still so proud of how this one came out! This one shot adventure offers players an environment of high-stakes bidding, social espionage, and a climax that changes based on the choices that players make. It is crafted for 5e, for 3-4 players at levels 8-10, and designed to be a single 3-6 hour session.

Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew

This month I released six 5e homebrew classes from one of my favorite series of all time, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. With them you can play as a Slayer, Watcher, Witch, Civilian, Half Demon, or Vampire class inspired by the show. They are free to download, play, adapt, etc. All I ask is that if you use them, please share some of your adventures with me!

One-Page System Agnostic TTRPG Mini Games

This year I got really into the idea of single page rulesets and mechanics. I enjoy the minimalism and elegance of these types of projects. When I decided to try making them myself, I approached it as an exercise in concise and easy to understand rules as well as editing down content. These one page PDFs are free to download and can be plugged into any TTRPG system.

Tips From A Graphic Designer Series

I noticed several independent creators in the tabletop industry were seeking out DIY graphic design advice. In my life outside of tabletop gaming I’ve worked as a graphic designer for over a decade. So I thought it’d be helpful to lend my experience to the community in the form of a series of blogs aimed towards graphic design beginners. These four articles cover the basics for those looking to try out design!

Weekly Blog Posts

I’ve been posting a blog article consistently every Saturday for the last 7 months. I honestly can’t believe I’ve been able to keep this streak going for so long! Some are fun list-format articles comparing D&D classes and creature types to other things. Then I have blog posts about what I’ve learned on my own game master journey. And of course, I like to sprinkle in some articles that players new to TTRPGs might find useful.

What’s Next For Ghostlore?

I’m ready to keep producing content in my little corner of the internet. In the coming year, I’ll still be releasing a weekly blog, free TTRPG materials, and one shot adventures. But I’d also like to announce that I’ll be participating in next year’s Zinequest on Kickstarter for the first time! Be on the lookout for it early next year!

I’m looking forward to continuing this adventure! Until next time, stay creepy and happy gaming.


Dan is a creator, game enthusiast, former goth, designer, nerd, blogger, and meme historian. He has always loved creating experiences through art, writing, design, and collaborative storytelling. His career is in the creative industry, specifically focusing on graphic design, marketing, and user experience.

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