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Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew: Half Demon And Vampire Classes

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Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew: Half Demon And Vampire Classes

In the final volume of my Buffy: The Vampire Slayer homebrew series, I’m opening the Hellmouth and covering the more evil side of available character classes. If you’re looking for the complete set, check out Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew: Slayer & Watcher Classes and Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew: Witch & Civilan Classes.

Welcome To The Hellmouth

This free 5e homebrew supplement takes you into the world of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Spoiler alert! This takes place after the events of the series. Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew, Volume III: Half Demon & Vampire includes:

  • Two unique classes
  • Six subclasses (three for each class)
  • Vampiric Powers for maximum character customization
  • A Buffyverse inspired Vampire Race

Half Demon Class

Ride the line between good and evil and play as a Half Demon! This versatile class offers three distinct options based on a player’s Demonic Nature. The children of humans and demons inherit powerful supernatural gifts, as seen in both Conner and Allen Francis Doyle. Those bitten and cursed with lycanthropy play as a Werewolf, inspired by characters like Daniel “Oz” Osborne. And humans who show a particular talent for vengeance can catch the attention of D’Hoffryn and become an immortal Vengeance Demon, like Anyanka.

Vampire Class

Live out your Buffyverse vampire fantasies with the Vampire class! As a vampire, you gain additional abilities dependent on your Vampiric Bloodline. Those whose bloodlines can be traced back to The Master belong to the Order Of Aurelius, like Darla, Angel, Drusilla, and Spike. The Kult Of Kakistos grants power to vampires sired by a descendant of the ancient, cloven hooved vampire, Kakistos. And those turned by the most famous vampire of them all belong to the Court Of Dracula.

That concludes my Buffyverse homebrew series! I’d love to hear about the games you play using these supplements! Until next time, stay creepy and happy gaming.



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