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Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew: Slayer & Watcher Classes

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Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew: Slayer & Watcher Classes

To celebrate October, I wanted to share something I’ve been working on for quite a while. Over the next couple weeks, I’m releasing unofficial homebrew content for one of my favorite series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer! I thought it’d be the perfect thing to make this Halloween season special.

Welcome To The Hellmouth

This free 5e homebrew supplement takes you into the world of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Spoiler alert! This takes place after the events of the series. Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew, Volume I: Slayer & Watcher includes:

  • Two unique classes
  • Six subclasses (three for each class)
  • Special class oriented equipment
  • Spells inspired by the Buffyverse

Slayer Class

Become a mythic guardian of the Hellmouth as you create your very own slayer character! Every slayer must choose a discipline to follow as they advance in levels. The Physical Discipline focuses on raw slayer strength, representative of Faith Lehane’s journey. The Mental Discipline prizes studies and intelligence, the chosen path of Kendra Young. And the Spiritual Discipline taps into the origins of the slayer legacy, as demonstrated by our heroine, Buffy Summers herself.

Watcher Class

Play as a tweed-clad guardian of the slayer with the Watcher class! As a member in good standing of the Watcher’s Council, you are assigned to your choice of Council Department. The Operations Department works directly with the slayer or in the field, like Rupert Giles or Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. The Bureaucratic Department pulls strings from behind the scenes, as shown through Quentin Travers. And the Mystical Services Department handles the magical dealings of the council, chosen by characters like Gwendolyn Post.

Next week I’ll be releasing the next two classes in the series: Witch & Civilian! Until next time, stay creepy and happy gaming.



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