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Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew: Witch And Civilian Classes

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Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew: Witch & Civilian Classes

Continuing in my Buffy: The Vampire Slayer homebrew series, I present the next two classes: Witch and Civilian. This week I’m rounding out the human class options, expanding on Volume I: Slayer & Watcher. Make sure to check out Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew: Slayer & Watcher Classes for a complete set!

Welcome To The Hellmouth

This free 5e homebrew supplement takes you into the world of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Spoiler alert! This takes place after the events of the series. Hellmouth: 5e Buffyverse Homebrew, Volume II: Witch & Civilian includes:

  • Two unique classes
  • Six subclasses (three for each class)
  • Spells inspired by the Buffyverse
  • Special class oriented equipment
  • Eight new spellbook lists for the Witch class
  • Six “Supernatural Gift” options for the Superhuman subclass

Witch Class

What would a game in the Buffyverse be without magic? With the Witch class, your spellcasting ability is determined by your Magical Connection. The Academic Connection, following in the footsteps of Willow Rosenberg, draws power through studying spellbooks and practical application. The Legacy Connection is dependent on a person’s family or ancestors, inspired by characters like Tara McClay and Amy Madison. And finally, the Technopagan Connection fuses modern technology and ancient magic, as demonstrated by Jenny Calendar.

Civilian Class

Play on hard mode and experience the world of Buffy as an average human! The way you became aware of the nightly battle against evil is known as your Conscription Circumstance. You could actively seek out monsters as a Demon Hunter, inspired by characters like Robin Wood or Charles Gunn. As the Zeppo, maybe you’ve survived this long through dumb luck alone, like Xander Harris or Winifred Burkle. Or perhaps you’ve become a Superhuman through extraordinary circumstances, in the style of Cordelia Chase.

Next week I’ll be releasing the two final classes in the series: Half Demon & Vampire! Until next time, stay creepy and happy gaming.



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