The Ten Types Of Perfect TTRPG Players

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Last week, we explored The Ten Types Of Problem TTRPG Players. To shift the focus back to positivity, I wanted to talk about TTRPG’s “perfect players”. These are the unsung heroes that are a delight to have at your table! Below are the ten types of perfect players…

1. The Newcomer

Inviting a player to your table who has never played before is a rewarding experience. Through your guidance of their tabletop journey, you get to experience the game you love through new eyes! The Newcomer is so cautious and timid in their approach… So careful with their decisions… So unaware of the temporary plot armor that you’ve provided until they get comfortable…

2. The Historian

You’ve got to love a player who takes notes! However, The Historian takes it to the extreme. They can often be seen taking up half the table space with binders, notebooks, and scratch paper. Need to know where you’re at in a story? Forgot a sidequest? Can’t remember the name of that NPC who you encountered 4 sessions ago? The Historian has you covered!

3. The Den Mother

With so much going on during a TTRPG, players’ needs sometimes fall by the wayside. The Den Mother, however, makes it a point to ensure that everyone is taken care of. This could be a gentle reminder to the party of another player’s side quest, making sure everyone’s health is topped up, or even suggesting snack breaks out of character. This caring and intuitive player earns the unofficial title of, “Mom of the Group”!

4. The Thespian

The Thespian knows their way around role-playing. This perfect player delights the table and inspires everyone to improve their improv skills! Putting on accents and never letting themselves slip out of character, they may have missed their calling as a performer. Lucky for you, they’ve decided to enhance your group’s experience with their undeniable talent!

5. The Challenger

As the game master, it’s frustrating when players challenge your authority in the game. However, The Challenger is looking for a challenge, not presenting one. This type of player brings their “A” game to the table. With maximized stats and well planned strategies, they will force you to pull out all the stops! The Challenger plays well off the GM, elevating the game to the next level.

6. The Cinnamon Roll

In a game full of gruesome battles and gritty choices, players like The Cinnamon Roll are a welcome addition. They will try to see the good in everything, mediate tense situations, and curb the instincts of more feral players. Their adorable disposition and aversion to negativity will brighten up your table. These players are too pure for this world, too precious to live… Protect them!

7. The Wild Card

Ever have a player that was so unpredictable that they’ve changed the entire course of a campaign? Where their impulsive decisions send you scrambling to the game’s handbook? The Wild Card can be a double edged sword. However, your game will never be boring with this player at the table! Some of the most memorable adventures are the ones that go off the rails.

8. The Comedian

You know what’s boring? A tabletop game devoid of humor. The jokes made while playing TTRPGs are one of the most memorable parts of the experience! The Comedian knows when to play it seriously…  But they also know when a well timed joke will hit just right. This perfect player is also sensitive to the table and doesn’t make jokes that would offend the other players.

9. The High Roller

Do you have uncanny luck when it comes to dice rolls? When a skill check is presented, do your party members all look at you? Chances are you’re The High Roller! This player’s unnatural luck when rolling is legendary. This can make for really dynamic games with explosive action. Just be ready to say, “… Seriously? Another natural twenty? Let me see your dice tray!”

10. The Invested

Ultimately, this is the perfect player that every GM wants at their table. The Invested is just that, invested in your game. They never flake out, are always on time, are quick to engage, know what’s going on, get along with everyone, and just genuinely love to play the game you’ve spent so much time putting together. This dedicated player is welcome at my table anytime!

I wish you a table full of these perfect players! Until next time, stay creepy and happy gaming.


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