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The Top Ten “Most Useful In Real Life” D&D Cantrips

When playing Dungeons & Dragons, it’s easy to get caught up in the world and forget just how amazing some of your character’s abilities are. The higher level spells are obviously very powerful… But can you imagine if you could use something as simple as a cantrip in your everyday life? That got me thinking about which cantrips would be the most useful in the real world. So naturally, I ranked and listed the cantrips I think would be the most beneficial if they were real!

10. Thaumaturgy

Honestly? This would mostly just be for fun. The most practical aspect of the Thaumaturgy cantrip would probably be using it as a megaphone to amplify your voice. But I also love it for it’s spookier applications such as changing the appearance of your eyes, making candles flicker, changing the color of fire, or creating creepy whispers. Plus blasting open doors and windows and pretending a ghost did it would just be a good time!

9. Resistance

Being able to grant someone an increased resistance seems hard to apply to real life. Since the Resistance cantrip buffs your saving throws, it operates temporarily against incoming attacks or obstacles. However, if you could apply this to your willpower… Not sure if you can do that last rep at the gym? Can’t resist an impulse buy in the checkout line? Considering breaking your diet with takeout? Resistance has you covered!

8. Dancing Lights

Flashlights. Mobile, hands free flashlights whenever and wherever you need them. This sounds kind of mundane, but it would actually be pretty awesome. Dancing Lights could free up your hands when you’re trying to find or work on something in the dark. Never having to ask someone to hold a flashlight for you? Total game changer. Also, you could put on little light shows at parties or throw your own mini raves.

7. Druidcraft

Druidcraft would be so useful if you are into gardening. You’d never have to wait and see if your seeds germinate or if your flowers bloom. It’d also be good for starting and putting out campfires while exploring the great outdoors. But the really great aspect of this cantrip would be the ability to predict the weather. With a simple spell you could be prepared for anything. You’d never again be surprised by a rainstorm or forget your sweater for unexpected chilly weather!

6. Shocking Grasp

From a self defense standpoint, being able to use Shocking Grasp would be like having a Taser on you at all times. But also, it could probably have a lot of other, non-combat applications. If you practice enough, you’d probably be able to jump-start a car. Or maybe even charge your phone! Though, it could be kind of dangerous if you gave it too much juice. I’m like 50% sure you wouldn’t melt your electronics or blow yourself up. Those are decent odds… right?

5. Mending

With this cantrip, you’d basically never be inconvenienced by broken things again. You could repair any minor tear or crack instantly without having to replace your things. A rusty nail in your brand new tire? Mending. Rip your pants or have a wardrobe malfunction? Mending. Break your key off in a lock? Mending. Find an old leaky pipe under your sink? Mending. Your favorite shoes starting to look a little worn out? Mending. You get the idea.

4. Mage Hand

A real life Mage Hand would basically make all your laziest fantasies come true. Your conjured spectral hand could fetch the television remote, take care of all your house cleaning, complete your yard work without you having to lift an actual finger, pet a cool dog while you relax, prepare a snack and bring it to you, reach the highest shelf without a step ladder, or anything else you can think of. You may never have to get up from your comfy chair ever again!

3. Spare the Dying

From a first aid standpoint, Spare The Dying would be very practical. Although, you’d be kind of morally obligated to become an emergency medical responder or doctor to maximize your gift. If not, Spare The Dying would just be a great skill to have in your back pocket you might not use in your everyday life. However, if you found yourself in a life or death situation, you’d be ready to save some lives!

2. Guidance

Can you imagine choosing to be better at anything you want, just because you feel like it? In D&D, a well placed Guidance cantrip is sometimes the difference between success and failure. In real life, you could boost your success rate of literally any action you want. You can even make your friends better at stuff too! It’s not like you’ll be guaranteed success, but you’d always have that little extra edge!

1. Prestidigitation

Prestidigitation really is the Swiss Army knife of cantrips. Is it any wonder it’s my top choice? Creating colorful magic sparks? Flashy! Lighting or snuffing out small fires? Practical! Creating temporary markings on any surface? The world is your white board! Instantly cleaning any object? Imagine how much time and effort you’d save! Chill, warm, or flavor up food? This feature is the real MVP! It would really be the ultimate life hack.

Do you agree with my selections? Tell me what cantrips you’d find most useful in real life! Until next time, stay creepy and happy gaming.


Dan is a creator, game enthusiast, former goth, designer, nerd, blogger, and meme historian. He has always loved creating experiences through art, writing, design, and collaborative storytelling. His career is in the creative industry, specifically focusing on graphic design, marketing, and user experience.

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