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The Eight Best Ways To Support Your Favorite Indie Creators

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Being an indie creator myself, I love following other creators in the TTRPG scene. Watching them hustle to bring their ideas to life is so inspiring. It’s exciting to see them reach their goals without the huge infrastructure of a big company supporting them. However, they do require the support of their fans and communities to be successful. If you want to support your favorite creators, here are eight really easy ways you can!

1. Like, Follow, & Share

The simple action of following your favorite creators on their social media channels is huge. Liking and sharing their content on top of that is the easiest and cheapest thing you can do to support them. Not only does this positively affect their marketing reach, but it also gives the creator a tool for gauging which pieces of their content resonate with viewers. In a very subtle way, you are influencing the type of content you might see from them in the future.

2. Interact On Social Media

Interacting with a creator on social media goes way beyond a simple like. If liking a post subtly influences content, then commenting your praises or opinions is directly influencing it. While a creator isn’t under obligation to change their work based on a comment, this type of interaction is so helpful for creative growth. Commenting back and forth is such an instant way to get feedback. Plus, most creators love interacting with their followers! It’s a great chance to connect with people who are rooting for them!

3. Unpromptedly Promote Them

You know what feels awesome? Checking your social media to find that someone has said something nice about you for no reason at all! Sharing or creating a post about a creator’s work is a great way to help them succeed. It doesn’t take much time to do and it’s free. This is basically the same as recommending a book or movie to a friend.  It’s just a guaranteed way to brighten a creator’s day!

4. Review Their Products Online

People care more about reviews than you think. By leaving a positive review on a creator’s product, you are endorsing something you enjoy and helping to make it more successful. Giving a star rating is appreciated, but actually taking the time to write out what you liked about something really gives potential buyers an idea of what to expect. It’s strange how an endorsement from a stranger can hold so much weight!

5. Be Understanding

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. If a creator promised a certain product release date or their content misses the mark, try to be patient with them.  As a fan of their work, it’s understandable that you’d want to see them at their best. However, try and remember that most indie creators work with small teams, are solo operations, or are side hustle companies. They don’t have the same resources that the larger companies do.

6. Introduce Their Work To Your Friends

While sharing posts on social media is important, don’t forget to talk about it in real life! If you are interested in something, chances are your closest friends might enjoy it as well. Word of mouth advertising is real and effective, even though it’s difficult to gauge as a creator. This statement might make me a grandpa, but this is how we got into things before the internet.

7. Pay When You Can

Especially in the TTRPG space, creators often offer their work up as “pay what you want” downloads. Meaning the content itself is free, with the option to “donate” or “tip”. If you are in a position to do so, consider tossing some money their way! I’m not suggesting a huge donation (unless you’re feeling really generous). But a couple of dollars here or there is always such a welcome surprise!

8. Invest In Their Success

This one is simple. Buy the products of creators you enjoy! This is especially important for creators who use crowdfunding or monthly subscriptions to produce their work. Funding is what keeps your creators in business. And supporting them through purchasing their products allows them to continue creating the things that you love.

Now get out there and show an indie creator some love! Until next time, stay creepy and happy gaming.


Dan is a creator, game enthusiast, former goth, designer, nerd, blogger, and meme historian. He has always loved creating experiences through art, writing, design, and collaborative storytelling. His career is in the creative industry, specifically focusing on graphic design, marketing, and user experience.

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