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The Top Twelve D&D Snacks By Class

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Tabletop Snacks

A Heroes’ Feast

Since it’s Thanksgiving, I thought I’d cover a topic close to my heart… snacking during D&D sessions! There is nothing worse than being hungry at the gaming table. It makes players irritable and less likely to have a good time. Whether your group plans a big meal or fends for themselves, there needs to be something on that table to eat!

Every player has a different approach to snacking during a session. What they bring to the table, and the types of characters they choose to play, are directly related to a person’s personality. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the top twelve D&D snacks by class! Below I’ll cover the twelve classes of Dungeons & Dragons.

Barbarian: Gas Station Haul

Barbarians can always be counted on to charge head first into battle. This reckless disposition doesn’t lend itself to taking time preparing premeditated snacks. For this reason, a quick stop by the gas station convenience store is a perfect choice. Grabbing a bunch of random items is quick, painless, and unlikely to result in a bout of rage.


  • Easy to grab on the way to a session
  • Wastes no gameplay time
  • Gas up your car while you’re there


  • Limited selections
  • Usually unhealthy offerings
  • Not always the freshest

Bard: Alcohol

As the life of the party, no one will be surprised that a bard’s “snack” of choice is alcoholic in nature. Depending on how extra the bard is, this could be a six pack of beer, a bottle of wine, or even a full bar. Bonus points if they pair the drink of choice with a perfect playlist. Drinking at the table can be fun, just don’t get too drunk and lead your party into a TPK!


  • Loosened up role-playing
  • Casual atmosphere
  • Party vibes


  • Impaired decisions
  • Big distraction
  • Coordinating a ride home

Cleric: Pizza

A good cleric supports the party with a versatile tool kit of abilities. Pizza makes a perfect choice when it is this player’s turn to provide the provisions. Like a cleric’s spell list, ordering pizza offers an array of options. In an instant the group can have a slice or two of hot, cheesy goodness. Just be sure to check beforehand if anyone’s alignment is chaotic pineapple.


  • Feeds everyone
  • Customizable to different tastes
  • Easy and comfortable


  • Conflicting topping preferences
  • Can become expensive
  • Messy while playing

Druid: Veggie Platter

Druids are connected to and draw power from nature. Because of this reverence for wildlife, a vegetarian option suits them. Veggie platters are well received and inexpensive. They can be made at home or purchased as pre-made trays from the local grocery store. Beware: this option will make you the mom of the group.


  • A healthy alternative from the norm
  • Relatively inexpensive option
  • So colorful!


  • Kind of boring by itself
  • Not the most filling
  • Dried out vegetable and congealed sauces at the end of the night

Fighter: Chips and Soft Drinks

Fighters are straightforward and effective in combat. They opt for a tried and true tabletop classic when providing snacks. Chips and soft drinks are oftentimes an expectation when sitting down to a session. Within this category are a multitude of flavor choices. A fighter is usually happy to oblige such an uncomplicated request.


  • Classic and battle tested
  • People pleasing
  • Flavors for every taste


  • Expected and not innovative
  • Gets old after a while
  • Not the healthiest

Monk: Coffee

Martial fighters who channel the energy of ki, monks are a powerhouse of speed in combat. If their abilities existed in real life, a monk would need an extreme amount of caffeine to function! Providing coffee for the group could be a quick run to the local chain’s drive through window or an at home barista experience.


  • Keeps the party alert
  • Fuels caffeine addictions
  • Tea available as an alternative


  • Not filling like food
  • Dealing with people’s complicated orders
  • Caffeine jitters

Paladin: Home Cooked Meal

An armor clad defender of righteousness, the paladin is a devoted party member. This need to protect translates to a desire to ensure their friends get a home cooked meal. Besides, anyone who would wear heavy plate armor while stealthing through a dungeon would probably not consider more practical tabletop snacks.


  • A filling meal prepared for friends
  • Removes ‘fend for yourself’ mentality
  • Can be a healthy choice


  • Takes a long time to make
  • Needs to be timed correctly to not disrupt gameplay
  • Puts pressure on the chef

Ranger: Leftovers

A ranger is essentially a hunter from an area outside of civilization. Like most hunters, rangers aspire to get the most out of their kills. The leftovers in the fridge from yesterday’s dinner have two paths. It’s either the garbage or repurpose them as snacks for tonight’s D&D game. And who likes to waste food, anyway?


  • Reduces wasted food
  • Readily available
  • Getting the most out of your money (that you’ve already spent)


  • Other people aren’t usually interested
  • May not be the best quality anymore
  • Seems lazy to others

Rogue: Fast Food

In a group of adventurers, a rogue will use their abilities to scout ahead, check for traps, and procure the treasure. This set of skills lends itself perfectly to a fast food run. You must be quick, as to not take up valuable game time. You must check the bag, for the trap of missing dipping sauces or an incorrect order. And in the end, you’ll return to the party with the spoils of your mission.


  • Affordable and fast
  • Fulfills cravings
  • Can be a pre-game group activity


  • Generally unhealthy
  • Takes time away from gameplay
  • Everyone agreeing on one restaurant

Sorcerer: Sweets

Sorcerers are gifted spell casters with magical bloodlines. The real world equivalent of the power coursing through their veins would be the surge of a sugar rush. Doughnuts, cookies, ice cream, and cupcakes are a welcome addition to any tabletop snack hoard. Baking treats themselves offers a sorcerer even more customization, a cornerstone of the class.


  • Enjoyed by most people
  • Increased energy at the table
  • Tastes like happiness


  • Crashing after the sugar high
  • Not a healthy choice
  • Sweetness overload

Warlock: Delivery App

Warlocks are known for making dark pacts with powerful entities to gain eldritch abilities. Therefore, it makes sense that they would forge a similar pact with a food delivery service. At the touch of a button they are able to conjure food from any restaurant they choose (or any plane of existence). The increased delivery fee is the price to be paid for such power.


  • Absolute convenience
  • Broad range of options
  • Everyone gets what they want


  • Extreme additional cost
  • Drivers sometimes get lost
  • Interruption of answering the door

Wizard: Themed Recipes

Let’s face facts, wizards are the in-game nerds of Dungeons and Dragons. They spend so much time doing homework for their abilities. And when you combine homework and snacking, you get over the top themed snacks. Tavern style fare? A traveling ration pack? A potion of healing cocktail? The wizard has you covered!


  • Enhanced gameplay
  • Tabletop immersion
  • A memorable snack


  • Time consuming
  • Painstaking preparation
  • Transportation to session

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