Your Checklist For Returning To The Table Post-Vaccine

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Many TTRPG enthusiasts are finally able to protect themselves against COVID-19. Those who have gotten their vaccinations are eager to get back to playing physical games with friends. Last month, I explored the Ten Things I Learned As A Dungeon Master During The Pandemic. Now, I’d like to talk about a couple things to remember moving forward.

Don’t Forget Your Papers

For those who’ve been playing online it’s been too long since you’ve needed to bring anything anywhere. Try to remember all the things you used to bring to the table a year ago. You’ll need your character sheets, notes, manuals, handbooks, scratch paper, a pencil, etc.

And Your Actual, Physical Dice

You can finally show off your prized dice collection and let it shine! I know you’ve picked up a set or two online during a self-quarantine or lock down. Take that giant bag of beautiful math rocks off the shelf. It may take some time to retrain them, but it’s nothing a stint in dice jail can’t cure. The only question now is which set gets rolled tonight!

Let Your Miniatures See Some Action

With so many sessions played online, it’s exciting to have the opportunity to actually use your miniatures! Whether you are a player who transports your character’s mini from game to game or a game master with an extensive collection, the time to use them has finally arrived! Try to get your miniatures painted before your first session back for maximum effect.

Bust Out Your New Games

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably purchased an insane amount of new games over the course of the pandemic. I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to play them! Chances are the members of your gaming group find themselves in the same situation. Coordinate with everyone and make a schedule so everyone gets to play what they’re most excited about and no game gets overlooked.

Remember Borrowed Items

Do you remember that book you borrowed from your GM the last time you played together? It’s possible you’ve been borrowing it for over a year! Go through your things and check for anything you may have borrowed from your gaming group before the pandemic. They might not even realize it’s missing from their collection!

Present A Tasty Offering

Whatever your tabletop snack customs are, bring something good to eat for the group. If it’s been a while since getting together in person, make it a celebration! Pick something especially tasty for the first session back. I’d suggest a dozen donuts, a fancy pizza, or even a homemade cake! Hmm… Maybe I’m just hungry…

Take An Extra Hour Or Two

If you haven’t seen your friends in person for a while, it might be a good idea to schedule a hang out before the game. Everyone will want to catch up! However, you don’t want your reunion to delay the start of your game for several hours. Plan ahead so that everyone wins!

Carry A Mask

Even if everyone is vaccinated at your table, it’s still not a bad idea to bring a mask. You never know what other people are doing for safety precautions. After all, we’re not totally out of the woods yet!

Enjoy your first game back at the table! Until next time, stay creepy and happy gaming.


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